Spoilers with Matt:

Welcome to our passion: talking endless crap about films and shows! Each episode of Spoilers with Matt is comprised of few different segments; our primary segment is “Cult Classic of the Week”, which you’ll find as the title of each episode. No more we say to those podcasts that speak endlessly for hours on end; all of our shows are purely original and spontaneous with no script. There are a lot movies and shows to discuss each episode, so stay tuned and enjoy!

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The Host:

If you tried to describe Matthew Abad in one word, you may have trouble since it is impossible–but, “visionary” is a good place to start. Matt is on a mission. What is that mission you ask, fellow internet friend? A mission to end bad movie reviews. Matthew lives for cinema. Everyday, he rises from his Toy Story themed bed, removes his Trainspotting themed comforter, puts on his “Save Ferris” t-shirt, and starts digesting movie after movie so he can then regurgitate them to the masses in the form of Spoilers with Matt.

Top 3 Movies | Back to the Future, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction

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The Producer / Co-Host:

Adam Tahoun is a pioneer in the podcast world. He has taken strides that no man has gone in this industry. With a microphone in one hand and a beer in another, he believes, nay, aims to conquer the podcast world one episode at a time.

Top 3 Movies | The Departed, There Will Be Blood, Fargo

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The Intern:

Whether its bringing beers to Matt and Adam or bringing his weird movie taste to Spoilers with Matt, Daniel also always brings his A-game. Although young in years, his wisdom ages him far older than any scientist, philosopher, historian, doctor, or wizard can fathom (and trust me, they have). Dont call him an ‘intern’– call him a charitable man, giving both his time and talents to the world of cinema… But ‘intern’ might be easier.

Top 3 Movies | Oldboy, Battle Royale, and The Shining

Instagram | @danieltahoun